Mother's Day Treat

How does this sound: sailing in the sunshine, spotting wildlife and landmarks, sharing snacks and stories, and getting to know more about San Diego Bay... Together we can create a memory that will last a lifetime! Join us on a sailing adventure on the most beautiful sailboat on the harbor (and get major brownie points;)  I mean, look how happy these moms are...!

mothers day.png

A Sweet memory...

Joined the Friendship Sloop Society on FB and shared some photos and got this sweet response: 
‘I have very fond memories growing up on Liberty with my family. She’s a real beauty for sure!’ 
This was written by the daughter of the guy who commissioned Liberty to be built!! 
Now my son will have the same experience, though he’s kind of in a funky stage about anything that’s not Pokemon :)

bow coming forward.jpg

Wax on, wax off

wax on 6.png

Well, Liberty's out of the water and getting a real spa treatment this time!  Her bottom paint was as worn down and needed to be redone (this happens about every 3 years). This 'down time' gave us the opportunity to polish her up, fix a water filter, get the sails maintained, and paint the rub rail. Some down time!